Tuesday, February 19, 2008


the implications are endless...
i will comment on this further @ a later time...

but given his age & health condition, it was meant to happen sometime..

what are some of your thoughts?

ny times

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Gary Lain said...

The official commentary surrounding Castro's resignation has been predictably obfuscatory and ideologically driven.

As Galbraith once said, in one of his more frisky moods, "The only socialism permitted in American is socialism for the rich."

That said, the offical discourse has refused to recognize two of Castro's singular accomplishments. The first is the remarkable emergency response network he developed and personally coordinated to mediate the increasingly ferocious, climate change driven hurricane season.

The second involves Castro's embrace, in the collapse of the USSR and its oil subsidies to Cuba (and the attendent economic havoc), of the concept and processes of permaculture. Cuba now stands as a model of small and community farming, and is in this sense one of the most Green countries on Earth.

You will, of course hear nothing about this on National Public radio.