Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OD is being published

Harold Jaffe's newest volume of docufictions, OD, will be published in the Fall by Civil Coping Mechanism.

Each of the 13 docufictions features a well-known personage who either died of an overdose or was invested in "drugs" to the extent that they contributed to his/her death. Figures he addresses include: Billie Holiday, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg, Diane Arbus, Sigmund Freud, Aldous Huxley, Walter Benjamin, Bela Lugosi, Jimi Hendrix, Abbie Hoffman, Mark Rothko, Lead Belly, Jim Jones (Jonestown), and Chet Baker.

If a potential reader wants a signed copy for the regular price, email Hal and he will ship it to you when it's published.