Friday, April 29, 2011


Fiction International is hosting a fiction (prose) writing contest intended to expose new talent to a critical audience of discerning readers. The contest is limited to writers who have no more than two published books.

The theme: BLACKNESS.  Submission period: February 1, 2011 - June 1, 2011.

Grand prize: $1000, plus publication in Fiction International for the prize-winner and two runners-up.

Final judge: Harold Jaffe, editor-in-chief, Fiction International.

Submit at Submishmash

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hal's readings

Hal is giving a reading next week at SDSU and in San Francisco. He will be reading some (not many) 50- or 100-word stories from a very recent volume called Induced Coma, an extension and variation of his volume Anti-Twitter which was published in 2010.

"In Anti-Twitter I adhered strictly to 50-word stories. In Induced Coma it is either 50 or 100 words. Most of the stories are found texts which I’ve altered or turned -- to tease out subtexts and contradictions."

Then he will read a number of short narratives from Paris 60, a sort of journal-slash-travel log he kept when he was in Paris in 2008 to greet the translation into French of one of his earlier books.

Paris 60 is based very loosely on Paris Spleen, a series of prose poems by Baudelaire published posthumously in 1869. The “60” in Paris 60 refers to 60 days, one entry per day.

The Green Arcade
1680 Market Street @ Gough
San Francisco CA 94102

SDSU's Living Writing series
Love Library
San Diego State University