Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drive In Saturday, 4.5.2008

Pulp/"This is Hardcore"

The Fall/"Totally Wired"

Motorhead/"Iron Fist"

Mick Jagger and Ry Cooder/"Memo from Turner"

Dusty Springfield/"Son of a Preacher Man"

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trumanwater said...

I've been listening to that exact live version of The Fall's "totally wired" for years on record. Had no idea it was filmed and on youtube.

There's this part in the song where Mark E. Smith releases a concatenation of slang that could only be harnessed through meth-amphetamine addiction or religious ecstasy:

You don't have to be weird to be wired
You don't have to be a died hair punk funk shit-hot fucked up tick-tock pad
You don't have to be strange to be strangled
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro


I'm totally wired...