Saturday, January 26, 2008


Modern day poet, songwriter David Berman who records records under the the title Silver Jews wrote this song which was eventually made into a video assembled from various footage from the Planet of the Apes films. I'll tell you it's brilliant right now just in case your senses are slow. Toulouse Lautrec!

I'm sort of embarrassed by the effect it has on my emotionality (lump in throat, etc.). So of course I had to drop it off here, dear readers (harhar)


Silver Jews, The - Punks In The Beerlight

Where's the paper bag that holds the liquor?
Just in case I feel the need to puke.
If we'd known what it'd take to get here,
Would we have chosen to?

So you wanna build an altar on a summer night,
You wanna smoke the gel off a fentanyl patch.
Aintcha heard the news? Adam and Eve were Jews.
And I always loved you to the max.

I love you to the max (x3)

(Cassie) If it gets really really bad, if it ever gets really really bad...

(David) Let's not kid ourselves. It gets really really bad.

Punks in the beerlight, burnouts in love.
Punks in the beerlight, Toulouse-Lautrec.
Punks in the beerlight, two burnouts in love.
I always loved you to the max
I love you to the max (x5)
I love you to the...



Gary Lain said...

Worst lyrics, ever.

trumanwater said...

ha ha,

they're so bad they're good. punks, beer light, burn outs, love, to the max...

"if we'd known what takes to get here, would we have chosen to"

seems all profound given the surrounding scenery