Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"SUN CITY GIRLS are not really a 'Band' but more of a factory of ideas; musical, artistic, philosophical and beyond. They are the epitome of DIY, having recorded, toured, traveled, researched, and hustled for over two decades creating an archive of music, film, writing, Art, etc., with their own financial and associate resources. Because of their fearless approach, bizarre performances, and trickster reputation, there are many legends spread about them: some TRUE, some half-true, some false, yet many of their more 'extreme resumé entries' will probably remain, for the most part, unknown. Every mystery revealed about them seems to create even more mystery. There is a strange energy surrounding them and an honesty about their presentation which separates (and isolates) them from the entertainment industry. They are THEIR OWN entertainment industry, entertaining themselves. And, as one of their song titles suggests, Sun City Girls are 'Without Compare'."

— Tom Vague (Vague Magazine)

"To say the Sun City Girls are just a band is like saying William Burroughs is just a writer, or Salvador Dali is just a painter, or Alexandro Jodorowsky is just a director. Of course, all of these classifications are basically valid, but the need to label such polymorphously talented explorers of the Void excludes so much more than simple labels can include.

"In an increasingly moribund society which seeks to regulate, assimilate, and exterminate autonomy, deviance, and dissent, the Sun City Girls offer the possibility of staying true to a revolutionary vision, one that encompasses the depths of Amuck transcendence and the heights of asinine stupidity, rois et imbéciles at the same time. Smearing themselves with the sublime and the absurd, the Sun City Girls stand defiantly idiosynchric yet passionately committed to any and all freedoms no matter how obvious or transgressive. So unexpect the expected. Try it, you'll like it. Just don't expect the world to ever be the same again."

— Bill Burns

"It is VERY difficult to imagine that a group like Sun City Girls actually exists!"

— Marc Penka (University of Minnesota English Professor)

"Sun City Girls were 'the first truly crazy band to emerge from the shards of hardcore' (Byron Coley)...also according to Coley, Sun City Girls laid the foundation for today's new American sub-underground: 'Without these french-fried, grass-skirted motherfuckers it would all sound like Merzbow.'"

— Erik Davis, The Wire (Feb. 2004)

"For over twenty years, the Sun City Girls have used music as both a storehouse and delivery system for outsider information expressed through an aesthetic philosophy that incorporates pan-Asiatic indigenous cultures, conspiracy theories, intuitive harmolodics, aberrant mysticism, historical incongruities, twisted archetypes, fourth world anthropology, global Pop detritus, Arabic indulgence, and scatological politics.

"Refusing to be easily comprehended or consumed, the Girls are trickster mixmasters, Wild Boys, lugubrious gamers, Three Masters collapsing all boundaries, barriers, and official lines of demarcation that make life safe, stable, and coherent. They are the twentieth century's collective psychosis made radiant and divine through their persistence of resistance, an absurdly funny reaction to the demands of stopping all their nonsense and just be good little girls.

"Anonymity allows for tactical spontaneity, following their bliss (both collectively and individually) away from the prying eyes of Control. Like the Hashishin of yore, they lie in wait, patient, under the radar, never pinning down their music, personalities, or ideologies, executing their secret insurrections and bringing us all along to Paradise. Or at least to Alamut's Garden of Delights.

"The SUN CITY GIRLS phenomenon.... how does one explain? its kinda like a cauldron of camel mucus poured over the dentists chair in a seedy Dallas office circa know... the one that started those stories all the little birdies were chirping about for all those years? Its almost like a runaway tuk-tuk driven by 37 trojan horses on a collision course with a bourbon Street funeral marching band. The legend goes that Karloff, Cheney and Lugosi were all dealing jacks or better in some Bangkok pool hall in 1972, when an unidentified man wearing what looked like a yarmulke sprayed the whole place with a clip from a Hustler magazine. The cat they all called 'Flat Evil' was the only one that could be trusted in light of all that has happened. While back at 'Chicken Shango Farm' in Port Au Prince, Bones and the Ketchak noise brigade were hammin' out on the short-wave with the dial set to know, the direct line to the Carlyle Group. Nobody really knew that Appalachia was the center of new wave historical revisionism where you could start all over if you had enough whiskey. Now, back in Vegas fellas, is where all your dreams come true. You just gotta trust your Dutch Uncle on this one. Drive out to Area 69 in the desert to REALLY WIN at the craps table cuz nobody could do it better than a Burmese mambo drag queen...the same one that lived on Sunset Boulevard in 1952. Back then it was all Aces fellas, all aces."

— Frank Sumatra

"The Sun City Girls are America's premier underground band. No qualifiers such as 'arguably' or 'possibly' are necessary."

— Derek Monypeny, Popwatch, 1998

"These guys SUCK....I can't believe they have records out!"

— SNAKEFINGER (3 weeks before his DEATH as he watched SCG live in Phoenix)

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